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T-Shirt Printing

Arts and Crafts
What You Need:
  • T-shirt
  • Con-Tact paper (available at a stationery store)
  • Cardboard
  • Sponge pieces
  • Fabric paint
  • Create a template from a piece of Con-Tact paper in any shape that you like. We've chosen the peace sign. Cut out the design you would like to print.
  • Insert a piece of cardboard in between the t-shirt layers to keep the paint from bleeding through. Press your template onto the t-shirt.
  • Using pieces of sponge, dab fabric paint onto the t-shirt, adding more paint and repeating as needed.
  • When you are finished painting, let the t-shirt dry completely before peeling the template off. Wash the t-shirt and let it dry. Your t-shirt is ready to wear.

You can create special t-shirts for birthdays too. If you are gifting a t-shirt as a birthday gift, you can print your friend's name or favourite car, sport star or hobby on the t-shirt. If you want to give t-shirts as the return gift for your own party, you could create a print based on your party’s theme or just use a whacky one liners or images!

Save a PDF and you save a tree! Try not to take a print of me!

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