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Create a Sound Box

What You Need:
  • Shoe box
  • Elastic bands
  • Cardboard
  • Wrap the elastic bands all around the box. You may need to tape a small piece of cardboard to the bottom and sides of the box to strengthen the sides.
  • Use your finger to pluck each elastic band.
  • Listen to the different sounds.
  • Use the fingers of one hand to stretch one of the elastic bands and then pluck the elastic band. Does the note change?
  • Arrange the elastic bands in sequence from the highest note to the lowest note. Can you figure out why this sequence works?

The elastic bands vibrate when they are plucked. Both the object that is vibrating and the tension will change the sound. Wide elastic bands usually vibrate slower, creating low notes. Thin elastic bands vibrate faster and create higher notes. A loose elastic band will vibrate more slowly (creating a lower note) than a tight elastic band that is the same width. This is why stretching the elastic can change the sound.

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