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Gas Bombs!

What You Need:
  • Glass bottles - 5
  • Sugar
  • Potato flakes - 100gms
  • Soya nuggets - 100gms 
  • Water
  • Fill five bottles as follows: Bottle 1: Water, Bottle 2: Sugar solution (mix one part sugar with four parts water), Bottle 3: Starch solution (mix one part mashed potato flakes with one part water), Bottle 4: Protein solution (boil 100gms soya nuggets with 500ml water, sieve and use) Bottle, 5: Sugar-protein water. (mix one part protein solution with one part sugar solution)
  • Add a pinch of bakers yeast to each bottle and cover with a balloon. 
  • Leave overnight. Check again on the next day.

Due to a chemical reaction, the bottle with sugar and protein will produce the most amount of carbon dioxide which causes the balloon to inflate.

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