Cleanest Railway Stations of India


According to a cleanliness report released by the Ministry of Railways, Rajasthan’s Jodhpur Railway Station has emerged as the cleanest in the A1 station category and the Marwar Railway Station in the A category. On the other hand, Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura Railway Station has been declared the dirtiest station in the A1 category and Shahganj Railway Station in the A category.

The cleanliness survey of the railway stations was conducted  across 407 major stations—75 in the A1 category and 332 in the A category by the Quality Council of India (QCI). The railway stations were judged on the basis of cleanliness across the premises, including the main entrance, platforms, toilets, waiting rooms and parking facilities. The evaluation comprised of direct observation and passenger feedback. There are 17 railway zones in India and according to the report, North Western Railway topped the list in the cleanest zone category this year.

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