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In an effort to end competition amongst students and encourage learning, the government of Singapore has decided to ban a 10-year-old student ranking system for primary and secondary children across the country. Report cards will stop showing a student’s position in relation to class, information like class and level mean, minimum and maximum marks, underlining and/ or colouring failing marks, pass/ fail for the end-of-year result, mean subject grades, overall total marks, L1R5 (English plus five relevant subjects), L1R4 (English plus four relevant subjects), EMB3 (English, maths, best three subjects) and EMB1 for lower secondary levels.

From the next academic year, no examinations will be held for Primary 1 and 2 pupils and assessment will not count towards an overall grade. The ministry of education has even pointed out that teachers will continue to gather information about a student’s learning progress by conducting open talks, quizzes and handing out homework. In order to evaluate a student’s progress, schools will replace marks and grades with qualitative descriptors. The marks of older primary and secondary students will be rounded off and presented as a whole number without adding any decimal points so that academic scores are not given too much importance. Parents and legal guardians will continue to receive updates about the child’s progress through parent-teacher meetings.
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