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From Garbage to Green

When Indore in Madhya Pradesh, was ranked as one of the worst cities in the Swachh Survekshan of 2014, the authorities and citizens decided to clean it up. IAS officer Asheesh Singh, who was appointed the municipal commissioner of Indore, took it upon himself to convert a 13-lakh metric tonne garbage patch into a green golf course. He did it in less than six months. When Singh took over, he started implementing bioremediation or bio-mining, which is an environmentally friendly way of separating soil and other recyclable things, like plastic, metal, paper and cloth. The recyclables recovered from the bio-mining process were sent for recycling. The recyclable polythene was sent to cement plants and for road making. The soil was also reused. The recovered construction and demolition waste was used to produce building materials. And the leftover 15% was sent to a secured landfill. By December 2018, 100 acres of land had been reclaimed and the city had started to look green again.
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