Improvised Ballet Shoes


Hadar Neeman, a graduate from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Middle East, has reinvented ballet shoes using 3D-printing technology. The newly-designed ballet shoe, called P-rouette, is custom made to fit a dancer’s foot. This shoe is comfortable, provides protection and is three times more durable than traditional ballet shoes.

The first step to develop the 3D-printed ballet shoe is to scan a dancer’s foot using a mobile phone app. The scan is then used to create a more detailed map of the shoe on a computer. A lightweight lattice polymer is then created to fit the contours of the foot. Finally, the shoe’s upper satin part is cut on a special shoemaker’s last. To ensure that the shoe does not require glue or an additional stage of production, the sole is fused with a fabric top during the printing process.

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