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Preparing for Board Exams


There's no denying the importance of board exams and teachers play an important role in preparing for them. "A teacher can make or break a subject for the student. Students will score well in subjects they have understood properly. A good teacher is equal to half your studies done," says Shibani Dutta, a retired teacher.

With only a few days left, teachers advise you to thoroughly revise your syllabus. "This is the time to brush up on your mathematics and science formulae, dates, names and necessary quotations and try to figure out what you have missed," says Madhurima Mukhopadhyay, teacher at an international school. Prashant Joshi, science teacher at HVB Academy adds, "Make use of the available resources in libraries and bookstores. They will give you an edge."

Studying hard isn't the only criteria for scoring good marks. "Neat presentation is equally important," says Sunil Sharma, a teacher at HVB Academy. "Neat handwriting, less cancellations and highlighting keywords in the exam paper can considerably enhance one's performance in exams," he adds.
Many students also take tuitions to score well in exams, but this isn't always necessary. Says Sudha Sood, a teacher from Bombay Scottish School, "Tuitions are understandable if a student is particularly weak in a subject. But otherwise, students should be allowed to study by themselves. Self-study is the best way to learn."
Some subjects can be especially difficult to handle. Some students detest mathematics while others loathe having to remember historical names and dates. Handling the pressures of a board exam becomes tough in case one has performed badly before. "With not many days left for exams, proper planning can help students tide over hard subjects too. One option is to study select portions of the syllabus properly. It's hard to fail your boards if you are even partially prepared," says a senior teacher.
"Parents have an equal role to play," says another teacher adding, "Most students are at home, preparing at this time. Parents must maintain a relaxed atmosphere at home and ensure that the child eats and sleeps well. Happy children give better exams."
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