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What Makes for a Best Friend


Most often your best friend is the person you met while you were in class one or pre-primary. These are the golden years where bonds and relationships are built to last a life time. Uday Shah's best friend is his classmate Cainon. "On our first day of school, he asked me for a pencil. I asked him if he would be my friend and he agreed. We have been friends ever since." Uday and Cainon spend all the time at school together, eating lunch, playing and studying before exams. They share all their secrets and passwords. Each one knows about the others plan of action even before their parents do.


"That's what close friends are for," says 11-year-old Ramya Prakash who met her best friend Leela at a dance class. "We joined Bharatnatyam on the same day, five years ago. I then found out that she lived very close to my house and since then we have been coming to class together every week," says Ramya. "I think hobby and activity classes are a great place to make friends you share the same hobbies and have so much to talk about. It makes bonding real easy." For others like 9-year-old Mina Shankar and Aamir who loves playing cricket, it was all about what they could do together that sealed the deal on their friendship. Both love cricket - one runs between the wickets and the other is the stroke player - and together they make a great team!

Some of our readers have very unusual best friends and some imaginary ones too! 10-year-old Debanuj Chakraborti’s best friend is his dog, Jojo. "Once when a bone was stuck in Jojo's throat, I put my hand down his throat and took it out. I knew he would never hurt me,” he recalls. 6-year-old Priyanka Vohra’s best friend is Bhim from Mahabharat! "I share my secrets with him," says she. 


Among all the kids we spoke to,12-year-old Sakshi Patel was the only child who did not have a best friend. "I have lots of close friends and we all spend time together. I find the idea of best friends very strange. Why can’t I have a lot of good friends instead of just one?" she asks.
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