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Our Team

November 2007 - Present

Cherry Divecha-Shethia, Managing Editor

"The high is the same. Creating a delicious meal to feed loved ones or creating 16 demanding pages of impressive information juxtaposed with activities beyond a child's imagination. The cozy red, blue and yellow RobinAge office is a place where magical moments unfold often. It's a place where personalities grow and are nurtured to blossom into meaningful lives. It's a place where relationships overtake egos and demands are made, not for individual growth, but for the dream of making RobinAge an international identity."

November 2007 - Present

Deepali Arora, Head School Coordinator

"Working with children is a passion and I can't imagine a better place to do it than at RobinAge."

November 2007 - Present

Riddhima Krishnamurthy, Business Development

"RobinAge is a place where childhood comes alive. Each day, we discover something new. Like a family, we eat together, work together and celebrate our triumphs together!"

May 2009 - Present

Melissa Fernandes, Reporter

"Working at RobinAge is like experiencing childhood and enjoying it all over again."

July 2009 - Present

Rupali Gamare, Artist

"Loads of talent, hard work and unlimited fun in this cool office is what RobinAge is all about."

May 2010 - October 2012

Pooja Patel, Reporter

"Working with RobinAge is a great learning experience. I get to learn a lot from my colleagues. The unity and warmth amongst everyone makes me feel very comfortable."

November 2007 - September 2010

Priyanka Sarang, Reporter

"The team spirit and unity is great. The support and encouragement here is something that keeps me attached to the office."

February 2008 - June 2010

Shreyashi DasGupta, Reporter

"Celebrating and treating ourselves everyday at lunch, sharing wacky ideas with a brilliant team and struggling to bring out the best content - that defines my world at RobinAge. It's been an amazing workplace."

July 2008 - August 2009

Arnaz Mistry, Marketing

"Delicious home-cooked food, a knowledgeable but light-hearted publisher, a scary editor who is a sweetheart, an always optimistic and laughing school coordinator, the all-in-one, multi-tasking admin, marketing and proof-reader who is actually the business development head, the quiet studio people (who secretly think that everybody else in the office is mad!) and last, but not least, the adorable, energetic, young and talented college students-our writers. They just refuse to let you feel like it's office, so it becomes your second home!"

August 2009 - August 2010

Geeta Bhansali, Marketing

"Rooted to the ground; Our paper is the BEST; Bountiful of FOOD FOOD FOOD; I love RobinAge; No Barter please; All women but two; Gifted with people of substance; Endless fun. RobinAge adds colour to my every page!"

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