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By Ruchir Shanker Srivastav , Class 7, Lilavatibai Podar High School , Mumbai

In the last few years, we have been familiar with terms like "terrorism", "asylum" and "refugee". Explaining forward to what is terrorism, I would say in a nutshell it's just unfair destruction of innocents. In last five years these dauntless messenger of terrorism have taken an oath to diverge this world and bring an Armageddon.

On the other hand, they have left us with deadly mementos like the Dhaka hostage attack and the evil France battle. There are many which cannot be forgotten by this powerful world. Nevertheless, the deterring condition of the Syrian crisis. The belligerent attitude of the shameless battalions give nightmares.

Where is United States, are they sleeping? Is Russia in slumberous state? The feeling of deafness is ubiquitous and only gets broken by the innocent cries of the peace- loving people. On a concluding note, I want to say that let's banish these dauntless messengers of terrorism who are allegiant towards their God of destruction.
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