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By Prachi Bhupesh Gupta, Class 8, Holy Mary Convent High School, Thane., Thane

In the last two decades, television has become the most powerful means of entertainment. With the introduction of many satellite channels, its reach has increased many folds. No one can deny that television has become an indispensable gadget in our homes. Nobody has remained unaffected by its influence. From soap operas to cartons, movies and music, there is no lack of viewership.

Television is being used by business houses to woo customers. Many advertisements target children below 8 years, as they are easily influenced by the audio-visual effects of the advertisements. Isnít it astonishing that we spend our whole one year out of the every ten years of our life watching television alone, thus saying goodbye to important work, social and family interaction and physical activity. Moreover, how many of us watch programmes which are educational and have cultural significance? Not many, I am afraid. Our reading habit is the first victim of too much television watching.

It is high time that we realize the adverse effects of watching television for long hours. No doubt, there are many advantages and updates that we get by watching television. We can get a live coverage of news from all over the world and watch sport events live. Educational channels like discovery, national geographic channel and more are very helpful and provide us with a good knowledge. At length, television is an outcome of the advanced technology, whether we make it a Ďboon or baneí, itís all up to us.

We should be selective about the programmes and the time as well we are going to spend with our television. Implicitly, it all depends on us, whether we make our television a useful gadget or an idiot box. We should also spend time with our family and friends and do physical activity. Otherwise, Iím afraid; all of us will become remote wielding, think- alike, couch potatoes
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