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By Tanish Gupta, Class 6, Holy Mary Convent High School, Thane

Hi friends, I am a ‘donkey’. I have a big head and long and shaky legs. I am usually grey in color. I look very doltish but I am very hard-working. I just survive by eating hay and drinking water. I am a very simple living animal. People often make my fun, throw stones on me and trouble me a lot; still I don’t harm them, but when harass me, I kick them with my hind legs. I work a lot for people. While the construction work is going on, I toil transporting their material. Sometimes when I slow down a little, my master beats me. People don’t value me at all. They just like the horses that have to be maintained time to time.

The horses demand for food again and again and people readily give them whereas they don’t give me a single grain. I have to search for my food by myself. Why do people play polo on horses and not on me? Just because they look smart and I look dumb. Sometimes when I am walking on street, some dogs start barking at me as if that area is only theirs. I don’t understand why they do this. Are they afraid from my kick? But I don’t pay heed to them at all. People are happy and ready to spend even their money to ride on elephants and camels and to ride on me that too free of cost is like humiliation.

What’s such in me that it’s an insult to sit on me. To be called by my name is abusing or insulting someone. Each time you abuse someone by calling him a donkey, I am humiliated. Why doo you feel insulted when called by my name and not when called a lion, cheetah, tiger or horse? If I was also kept clean and fed time to time, people would value me too. I hope that there exist few people who understand my plight and make others understand it too. I am really grateful to those people. Imagine a world without us? Will lions, cheetahs or horses carry loads for you? I will always wait for the day when people will say ‘you should as adjusting, hard-working and co-operative as a donkey.’


Tanish Gupta       Holy Mary Convent High School      
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