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By Akshaya Anand, Class 4, Orchids International, Malad, Mumbai

One Sunday morning, I woke up with a start. My mom was screaming and dropped my breakfast. Orange juice splattered everywhere. I asked mom what was wrong but she didn't reply.

Instead, she ran away. I was perplexed on seeing her shocking expression. I tripped and fell off my bed. Thatís when I finally realized that my bed was enormously bigger than me. I looked down and I saw that I was sitting on the floor. Suddenly an ant came and it was almost my size. I saw the antís eyes, her mouth and her legs. I was terrified that I had shrunk. What is a dream or was I really small? I pinched myself. OUCH!!! It was true!! How did I get so small? "Mooooooooommmmmm."

I shrieked but it sounded like a beeís bumble. I ran to the living room which seemed like running a marathon of 10 km. It was so far. I stumbled and fell flat on my face . My brother came down the stairs too. I saw his big feet about to trample me. I ran down the stairs panting for life. I reached the living to see my mom in tears. I climbed up the chair which was so tall . It seemed forever but I finally reached the top of the table. Mom saw me and thought I was an insect and tried to squash me with a plate. I heard my mother's voice waking me up. I woke up and realized it was Friday. I was relived. It was just a dream.


Akshaya Anand       Orchids International, Malad      
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