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By Dhruv Singh, Class 2, Vibgyor High Horamavu, Bangalore

One summer evening, I was watching the movie called "Gravity”, full of adventures. Soon it was dinner time. I switched off the TV and went to set the table. While I was placing the table mats and keeping the plates, the scenes of the movie were floating in my mind. I sat down and ate the dinner quietly, thinking about the movie constantly. After dinner, I brushed my teeth, changed my clothes, prayed to God and went to bed. My father started telling a story and soon I found myself floating in space. In space, there were two more astronauts; my father and one of my friends, Om, wearing their spacesuits.

I went near them, joined their hands and made a ring. I heard a loud voice in my earphone and that was Om. Since sound doesn’t travel in space, we had our earphones connected to each other. He said "Home! Home!” He was pointing towards Earth and we all experienced our beautiful Mother Earth. Suddenly we all saw some asteroids, heading towards Earth. Then, I immediately reported my fellow astronauts who were controlling the spacecraft and the information were passed to the two space stations; NASA and International Space Station.

We were really worried; so we went inside the spacecraft to see what’s really happening. Our spacecraft had a rectangle shaped body. It had a triangular top with fire boosters at the bottom of the rocket. There were two windows; each on the left and the right. Our mission was to place a satellite on Mars’s orbit. I asked Om "How will we complete our mission if asteroids are approaching towards Earth?” Om had no answer. He looked puzzled. My father was telling me to calm down. The distance between the asteroids and the Earth was becoming lesser and lesser. We were looking out of the window anxiously and prayed to God. The scientists around the world were trying hard to avoid the catastrophe. Suddenly I heard the time machine counting seconds. 10,9,8,7,…3,2,.. "Papa, help! Papa, help!” I screamed at the top of my voice. Suddenly, I heard my mother calling me from a distance, "Dhruv, wake up!Its morning!” I found myself on the bed. I was happy that our Earth is safe and my space exploration was an exciting dream.


Dhruv Singh       Vibgyor High Horamavu      
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