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By Sara , Class 5 B, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

My life story is different from the rest, as it didnít start in the nest. I was an oval egg in the nest made by my mother, but when lightning struck our tree, I fell into a deep dark burrow. In the burrow was a rabbit family who was very kind. When they saw my egg, they decided to bring me up as their own. I hatched from my egg early, as the burrow was very warm and cozy. My mom, dad, aunt, uncle and grandma took very good care of me and wished me for growing into a beautiful dove, I thought that I belonged there, as we all were white, there were many incidents when I was happy, said, angry and excited, but I was very depressed and furious when a wild python entered our burrow. He killed my grandmom, ate her and slithered away. My family did nothing but wept.

When I was a baby dove, I was naughty too whenever my neighbours Mr Zozo and Mrs Zozo would come, I would bite them with my beak but as a bird, I never knew how to fly. My family kept it a secret from me and my siblings. I had made many rabbit friends who thought me as no other. I would go to R.K.A.S which was the rabbit kindergarten and school. We would have lots of fun learning to tricks and rabath (maths),  I grew up and grew older until I left the school.

My best friendís name was Lola, but the weird part was that I had not been named. As one day, I went back home, my mom said that my birthday was the next day. I was jumping, but I asked her why she hadnít told me about it for all these years.

That's when she decided to tell me the whole story; I was shocked and fell very uncomfortable. I wondered what animal would be then. My mother told me to spread my wings and to slowly move them up and down. I couldnít believe my eyes, I was flying I burst out of the burrow, looking at the world above. I slowly came down, while my mother said that from that day my name was sky, with her eyes filled with tears.

The next day she took me to the nest of my real mother. I flew up and told her the story. They hugged me and made me feel at home. I told my new mother that I would live with her, but my chicks would live in the burrow. My rabbit mom was excited. A few months later I had chicks who would go in and out of the burrow. I think my life is the most different and the most splendid one, ever!


Sara       Dhirubhai Ambani International School      
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