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By Aryaa Sridar, Class 2 A, SKPS - ICSE, Bengaluru

A few days after I started my Ist grade, a pencil went missing from my box. I saw that a tall boy was holding it. I have seen him in the class every day, but I could not remember his name. I yelled at him to give it back. On hearing me, he immediately broke the pencil into two halves. Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I went straight to my class teacher. I told her about what had happened. She consoled me and called the boy to her desk. He looked at me and then told mam that it was another boy who actually took the pencil and challenged him to break it. Our kind and polite class teacher asked him whether it is right to do something like this to others just because he was told to do so. That tall boy realized his mistake and apologized to me. He returned my broken pencil. Both of us walked back to our desk. I looked at him and said "Hey, I am Aryaa. What is your name? "My name is Akshath, he smiled and replied. "Can we be friends? I asked him and he said "Yes.

That was how I met my best buddy Akshath. We started hanging out together at the short breaks and long breaks. We share our food and our stories. We still do. I have many friends now. We all feel happy when we play and spend time together. I wish and hope that we all continue to be best friends forever no matter what.


Aryaa Sridar       Skps - Icse      
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