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By Rishita Ghosh, Class 7 C, Learning Paths School, Mohali

The road to every goal, 
Is not an ordinary stroll. 
For success we enroll
Our souls to North Pole
Moving ahead with nothing but hope, 
This is a game of life. 
If you slip on a slope, 
And you find to hold there’s no rope.
What will you do? Revert or Evert… 

A brave man who has no fear of grave reverts, 
And up stands on the way and, not away.
He faces the hurdles on the way, 
Later knowing he is going round a day. 
This is the situation where a man is stressed, 
Where to go? He thinks, 
With negative thoughts arriving one by one, saying,
"It’s impossible to go”, in one, 
"There is no way”, in second 
Equal amount of optimistic words arrive,
"Nothing is impossible until you think it is”,
"There is nothing called no way but if you find, there is a way”, 
With those fireball eyes glowing, 
A brave man who has no fear of grave reverts 
Moves on again to find another way, 
Faces the hurdles and struggles again in a new path but still not successful, 
Once more those thoughts surmount but get ignored. 
And one more time he finds another lane, 
This was the third time,
That he stood up, 
With one will and hope. 
Faced all those painful struggles. 
And with all hard work and patience, 
He finally achieved the success he wanted. 
The return gift of pressure, stress and hard work was
A treasure of success he always awaited… 


Rishita Ghosh       Learning Paths School      
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