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Letters to Editor
By Mayank, Class 11, Wisdom World School, Kurukshetra, Kurukshetra

Being a Student was never easy but these days the standards have been raised to a great extent as completion has become tougher than ever. Only the fittest survive. The modern student faces a hell lot of problem and moreover, an orthodox criterion that classifies them. Let’s see if we can save them. This article gives you the opinion regarding the criteria classifying students on the basis of marks they attain. Keywords: - Student, class, order`` Introduction:- Projects, classes, deadlines and exams, these are important periods of lifecycle of a creature known as Student- Webster defines a student as someone who learns something or attends a school, college or a University. These live so called luxurious life charged with stress, pressure and competition and are frequently awarded marks which sometimes they don’t deserve. Students are actually the brave young ones who somehow don’t know to gather the courage to face the society and the system. Morphologically, His body has three special traits - A goofy spectacle covering their eyes, A bent back due to Pressure and the most important one, Flying elephants in cerebral parts. The social criteria for categorising this class of animals is the ability to cram and the marks awarded.On the basis of this criteria, the following Orders are described. First, comes ‘The Stupids’ – The most primitive order of all. The members are seldom rewarded and can be identified easily identified with high level of energy in their somatic cells. The exceptional sense of humour is the chief characteristic of this Order. ‘The Average’ – The largest Order of this class. The members are rewarded with survivable amount of marks and can be easily identified with the sudden increase in adrenaline levels with mere announcement of the four letter word ‘Exam’. Finally, ‘The Aces’ – The most advanced and successful Order of the class. The members are rewarded with high marks frequently and can be identified with sleep-deprived eyes and frequent headaches. "Don’t judge a fish by its capacity to climb a tree It will live its whole life thinking it’s a stupid” -Albert Einstein Fortunately, the classification is absolute and causes sleepless nights and pressure on the Student. It simply shakes their confidence and pull out their believe in themselves from its very roots. It not only encourages cramming but also questions the Student about his own existence. Now the question arises what we can do….? Well, everything is in our hands. All we need to do is just change our thinking. We need to understand that marks are mere numbers. They can’t reflect the immense potential and talent inside anyone. Only you can save this species from this harassing classification……..


Mayank       Wisdom World School, Kurukshetra      
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