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By Vanshika Gupta, Class 9, Podar International School , ICSE , Nerul, Navi Mumbai

The mysterious young woman dressed in black, 
dressed in burn had all enough to make eyes turn. 
all followed her, 
none was she behind. 
all she seeked was a charming find. 
allured the walking aisle suited her steps in style. 
shade on head
covered eyes entered a cafeteria, 
tricking slys
where she found her handsome prince peeked till he caught a glimpse. 
she stared and stared, 
as he indulged in his book she glared and glared 
until she caught a look. quick she fumbled, 
quick she held, quick she defined, an attitude she left. 
her lips curved and so did the inverse book he laughed 
and smiled at one fine look. 
finding his interest
she joined in too 
grasped her formal 
tried to act as all was normal. 
as she turned all blue. 
soon they met and met, 
and once and for all. 
he found that he was set, 
conscious said,"run, run for all !" 
before he was 'bout to run, 
the woman made tables turn.
left aboard he cried and 
yelled the mysterious woman still isn't settled!

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