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By Pulyapudi Madhavi Sanskriti, Class 6, Hillside School, Hyderabad

Teachers are people who can help us in all types of situations. So, as we all know parents are one of our are first teachers. Mothers help to walk. Fathers help to talk. But when I think about teachers I feel that they are those people in my life without whom I cannot even do one work of my life properly. So, whenever you think to tell something not very good about teachers think twice. So, coming back to the point. There are different types of teachers in this world some are Dance so some are Music .Some are Art so some are Craft. But like how we tell "all people are same" like that only "ALL TEACHERS ARE SAME" So with this I would like to end this article of mine. Hope you guys enjoyed it and would want me to write some more articles like this.


Pulyapudi Madhavi Sanskriti Hillside School