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By Shayaan Ahmed, Class 2, Al Qamar Academy, Kottivakam, Chennai

Once upon a time there was Lion and Tiger. They were friends. They help each other from enemies. One day they saw a cobra they tried to catch the cobra but it spitted poison at Tiger. Tiger fall down. Lion tried to help Tiger but it can't get up. So Lion went to search where is medicine. After a while a hunter came. Lion saw hunter and ran away.

Hunter saw the Tiger fall down. So he put some medicine then the Tiger get up and saw the hunter and the hunter took the Tiger to the zoo and they put him in the big cage. When hunter was sleeping the Lion took key from hunter's pocket and opened the cage with key. Then the Tiger was free. Lion and Tiger ran away to the Jungle. Tiger was hungry so Lion give him food. So he ate the food then they lived happily ever after as Friends. 


Shayaan Ahmed       Al Qamar Academy, Kottivakam      
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