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By Agastya Poddar, Class 4, NSS Hillspring International School, Tardeo, Mumbai

Thump! Thud! The harras of horses galloped at full throttle as I maneuvered through the labyrinth of grass. The sodden soil clamped my ankle neutralizing my speed. I rotated my head 360 degrees and rubbed my eyes in disbelief as cows, hens and donkeys fenced me. Animal bullies shoved and jostled me until I fell down. I was drenched in the sodden soil deeply. I struggled to move my limbs to break free. Insects hovered above my head stinging me to taste the sweetness of chocolate.

I strided across the meadow, panting and puffing, until I regained my breath. I slipped headlong into a burrow hidden under the sheath of grass. I stealthily opened my eyes and the predatory eyes of a rabbit stared at me in awe. I was captivated in the cloud of cobwebs. The fluffy white rabbit prawled slyly towards the captivation point. He nibbled apart the web with his gnashing teeth. I jumped in startle as I feared his ferocious attack. He lifted me with his paw and laid me on the dense grass.

I crawled like a soldier rummaging for the morsel of food. The penetrating scent of eggs and milk tickled my nose. Hurriedly, I grabbed the survival food and scrambled as the farmer chased me. I bumped into a scarecrow, dedressed it and disguised myself into a wobbly scarecrow. After the farmer dispersed away deep into the field; unceremoniously a portal appeared in a grandiose way. I jumped with all my might into it. Kaboom! Beam of light fell upon my eyes and I found myself standing in the crowd of people who were of my height.
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