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By Jayasuchita, Class 10, Emerald Valley Public School, Salem

Indulged in delightful despair, 
Ornate with outlandish oblivion, 
Mine mind; Welcome to mine world! 
Mine delirious mind, 
A galactic labyrinth, 
Stranded I in the middle! 
Wedged between heart and brain, 
Is mine longing mind, 
Trapped in a magical trance! 
Time loves mine world, 
Agog and inquisitive, 
Forgets to move along! 
Infinite yet expanding, 
Never inclusive of sheer understanding,
Drowning in a bleary abyss! 
Mr.Light, clear and bright, 
Tyranny of mine world, 
Whizzes around like mad! 
Wrong of vigorous intellect,
Inhabit mine exotic world,
Catapulted across human reach!


Jayasuchita       Emerald Valley Public School      
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