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Letters to Editor
By Lavanya Gupta, Class 6, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai

What kind of world do I wish for? A world with engagement, interaction and communication, not isolation. A world with bridges between people, not empty voids; with the power to connect and relish in diverse thinking. I would, definitely, prefer a world with Social Media. Social media- websites and applications enabling users to create and share content. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat to name a few. Together, they offer their participants an opportunity to operate like a giant community.

They offer a platform to exchange knowledge, spark a change, become truly global and contribute to society. I watch educational videos on YouTube, see the funny antics of my American baby sister on Instagram, sign a petition to save Aarey Colony Trees on Facebook, and create hashtags on Twitter to help stray dogs. Social media does have a dangerous face. Cyber bullying, lack of privacy and people faking identities are some of the evils associated with social media. These dangers must be fought with education on being a good digital citizen, understanding the basics of privacy, boundaries and appropriate sites.

Most importantly, the virtual world offered by social media should add to our reality, not replace it. The twitter of the birds should not be forgotten, and the likes on our Instagram picture should not replace the loving hugs from our friends. Over a third of Earth’s population would be using social media by 2020. Let’s use this powerful tool to change our world for the better, one #hashtag at a time.


Lavanya Gupta       Bombay Scottish School, Mahim      
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