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By Arush Bahl, Class 3 D, Greenwood High, Sarjapura, Bengaluru

Aryannation, Got admission, 
He took permission, 
To go on a mission,
With loose-motion, 
He packed cushions, 
And also lotion. 
He had made a new invention, 
With his imagination, 
He liked his creation,
Using addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division,
And fraction, Even interjection, And conjunction, 
And created a secret potion, 
That was his 105th revision, 
In his last day of submission, 
He even got an injection, 
Because he didn't have clear vision, 
When he got his selection, For his nation,
And then he mentioned, with emotions,
"Pay attention Work hard, but don't have tension"


Arush Bahl       Greenwood High, Sarjapura      
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