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By Ashrita Damera, Class 10, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Public School, Hyderabad

 Claiming his birth, cried the child, 
And everyone around smiled, 
Like spring’s onset, child brings joy, 
Like flowers, baby blooms, becomes big boy, 
Spreads his purity and innocence,
Like the spring’s flower’s fragrance, 
Spring and child, 
Both gentle and mild, 
All bright beautiful things, 
Bring child and spring. 
Like summer never taking rest, 
Hot, hotter and hottest, 
The spring boy becomes summer youth, 
Revolting, unable to accept society’s truths,
Sizzling like the sun in summer, 
Demanding the best, not adjusting with the better.
Falling leaves, Falling days,
The fall comes reminding, 
Summer youth, now autumn man, caring,
Responsibilities, commitments bring sacrifice
Shedding leaves, becoming more nice
Quiet, serene and sedate, 
Like autumn, changing for fate. 
Like winter, dull, dark and cold, 
Can’t live without the rug’s fold, 
Not an autumn man anymore, 
A winter senior citizen, no energy unlike before,
Falling hair, like falling snow, 
Out you can’t go, 
A body without anybody
Life without life, 
Face without cheer, 
Head without hair,
All barren, a winter’s land,
No-one to give a hand,
Living because he breathes, 
Dies, adorned by wreaths, 
Winter goes, comes summer, 
Life continues from summer to winter, 
Death, birth, Birth, Death

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