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By Ashrita Damera, Class 10, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans' Public School, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Once more I want to live life, 
Said the man on the deathbed to his wife. 
A life of purpose, A life of service. 
The time given to me has gone wasted,
Want to spend time with the ones closely related. 
I am dying without knowing myself, 
No place for peace in my heart's shelf. 
Can't recollect a movement of complete bliss,
Please call daughter for one last kiss. 
My body is now filled with desire, 
But it's time for my funeral pyre. 
Want to spend time with you dear,
But what to do death is near. 
My only desire was wealth, 
I did not care for my mental health. 
Not a time enjoyed with friends,
With no sweet memories my life ends. 
I wish I had the courage to say no to the unnecessary
I did not even read calmly in the library.
I wish I laughed with our daughter,
I wish I let myself be happier. 
No time spent in mother nature's lap, 
Did not touch even one tree's sap. 
With you I want to see the seven wonders of the world, 
I want to cheerfully here the chirping of the birds. 
But I wish I wished all these before, 
Now I can't live anymore. 
The old man on kissed his daughter and breath his last,
Life finishes so fast. 
If we could spend more time it would be nice, 
Said the wife to her daughter with tears in her eyes. 
Don't want you to get the situation of your father, 
Realize your dreams and move further. 
Enjoy the journey towards the goal,
Enjoy small pleasures of life my girl. 
Live a life of satisfaction dear,
Don't regret when death is near.
Nurture the growing trees, 
Enjoy with your family, 
Live life happily 
Laugh with your kids, 
Do helpful deeds.
Perhaps your dads last words were an advice in disguise, 
In your heart happiness lies. 
The woman's advice is for us all,
Live life fully before lord's call.

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