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By Ashrita Damera, Class 10, Bharatiyaid Vidya Bhavans Public School, Hyderabad

In the midst of darkness, you were the beacon of light, 
You encouraged me to fight with all might. 
You are my sun and my moon, 
Little did I know you would leave so soon. 
I remember you curing my pain, 
And how you showed me rain. 
I remember the touch of your soft hand, 
Little did I know you would go away to another land. 
Your stories I always wanted to hear, 
To you again I want to be near. 
I sometimes didn't give the tablets you asked for, 
Little did I know that the punishment would be this severe. 
I used to hear your sweet words, 
And the way you made me eat by showing birds. 
You had an extraordinary cooking way, 
Little did I know you were going away. 
I am lucky that you were a part of my life, 
I remember how with pains you used to cry. 
A phone call came that my grandma expired, 
Little did I know that you died. 
That dreadful night came, 
It all went like a dream. 
I got to know you left the earth, 
Little did I know that you coming back can never be a truth. 
You being near again will be a wish never to come true, 
Every day I miss you. 
You had such a kind heart you were my life's treat, 
Little did I know that God would stop such a kind heart's beat.
I had 3 wishes I used to pray God, 
One of them was to cure my grandma's pain o Lord. 
Should I wish for it or is it cured, 
Little did I know that so much pain you endure

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