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By Sohini, Class 6, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim , Mumbai

I was at my grandmother’s house in Patna, during my summer break. It was a large bungalow with lots of fruit trees. It had a mango tree that produced mangoes three times a year! I was at the terrace, which was on the second floor, looking at the crumbling bungalow next to my grandmother’s house. It was a hot sleepy afternoon and I remember that I was in the mood for eating ice cream, but unfortunately there was no ice cream in the house. I noticed that the terrace of the bungalow had three rooms, in a row, on one side. I went into one of the rooms, curious to know what was inside. I found that the room was like an attic, filled with all kinds of antiques.

The only things that caught my eye was a hand mirror with jewels stuck on it and an antique sofa. I picked the mirror up and upon close inspection, saw a few words inscribed on it in Hindi. I read it and found it strange and so I repeated it aloud a few times. Suddenly, I had this odd feeling that I was falling and then before I knew it, I had fallen and hit my head on the antique sofa‘s wooden arm. When I opened my eyes, I didn’t know what was happening and got up. I was about to leave that attic like room, when I saw a girl who looked exactly like me entering the room, except the fact that she was very dirty and stinky; and her clothes were untidy and her hair was messy. Now, I am a perfectionist and am generally very neat and clean.

Looking at her made me nauseous. She came into the room and shut the door behind her. I was confused and immediately hid behind a bookcase, waiting for her to leave. Just then I saw another girl entering the room in a hurry. She looked like my sister Shubhika, but she was very unkempt and untidy and not her usual neat self at all. I guessed she was playing hide-n-seek as she said, "I spy Sohini. Now I only have to find Rashi”. Rashi is the name of my cousin who was also visiting my grandmothers’. She loves a Korean music band called BTS, who have released some really awesome songs. When both the girls left the room, I ran outside and fled to the first floor, where I saw all my relatives sitting and laughing cheerfully. I saw my grand aunt Sutapa Mami, who appeared to be very plump. She is a wonderful school teacher and is actually very thin. I was perplexed. After sometime, my relatives noticed me and then my very untidy looking mother looked at me and said, "You have neatened up. What is the special occasion?” I murmured, "Nothing, I just felt like cleaning up”. But in my head, I was wondering why these people are so unkempt! Then I heard loud laughter and realized that Shubhika, Rashi and me, or rather the other me, were coming into this room. I didn’t know what was happening and decided that I would run and hide, but it was too late. When they reached the room they looked at me and said in chorus "Who are you? Where did you come from?” My parents, relatives and grandparents looked at all of us and each other with confusion. Not realizing what to do next, I asked them "Can you show me around this place? I would love to see this city, please.” Ratan Mama, my grand uncle, answered "Okay, we will take you outside and show our famous city "Chocolateria”. "Oooh ooh…, can we take her to the chocolate palace, please? Or can we take her to the new chocolate syrup pool?” Rashi chirped in. I happily went with the girls and my relatives. In the garage, I saw a Lamborghini, the most expensive car in the world and one I love a lot and had only seen pictures of. All of us quickly got in the car and soon I was amazed at the sights I saw. I saw a whole different world; a world where the animals were sitting on carts and humans were pulling it! The roads had a lot of cars driven by small babies and adults sitting in passenger seats!

There was a huge palace made of chocolate and people were joyously biting into it. The swimming pool in the palace was an odd sight. People had brought enormous straws and used it for drinking out of the huge swimming pool. "There is no concept of money here and children are allowed to drive cars,” Shubhika informed me. Then, my family took me to a beach which was made of chocolate sand and where the sea was full of chocolate syrup. I asked everyone, "Do you have people like me coming to your world?” To my surprise, they answered "yes”. I panicked a bit and then asked, "Did the other people who were like me, leave this world, or are they still stuck here?” "No, they left this place”. "Do you have the object through which you were transported here?” my Nani asked me. Luckily I had it with me and so I nodded to her. She asked, "Did you read something that caused you to black-out?” "Yes”, I said. "All you have to do is read the words backwards and you will be in the exact same place that you were in, before you transported here,” my Nana said. I was feeling homesick and missing my world and decided it was time for me to take my leave. Before leaving, I went to each one of my "Chocolateria” relatives and said goodbye to them and thanked them. They gave me an odd-looking chocolate stone as a gift and said goodbye. I went to the attic like room and said the words on the mirror, backwards.

Then, before I knew it, I again started getting the feeling that I was blacking out and fell. When I opened my eyes I found myself in what looked like my grandparents’ house, that I was visiting for my vacations. I went outside and saw that the time in the clock was exactly the same as when I had entered the attic like room. I went down and saw that everyone was sleeping except my mother. I narrated the story to her and she told me that I had just imagined all of that. She told me that I had once again let my imagination run wild. She reminded me that earlier, I had been to the moon, met aliens, been stuck with witchcraft and wizardry in most extraordinary situations; all in my imagination. However, I saw that in my hand was that odd-looking chocolate stone.

I did not show it to anyone, but kept it safely in my bag. It did not melt, which was amazing, considering the fact that it was made out of chocolate. The rest of my day continued in the usual way; talking to my family and relatives about school and friends, then talking to my cousins, which is always lots of fun; and then soon it was time to get ready for bed. Maybe it was time to get back to my dream world!!


Sohini       Bombay Scottish School, Mahim      
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