William, the Whalien


By Rinaaz Sulthana, Class 5 I, Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai

Once upon a time, there was a planet named Loop-Top. Everything was just like our Earth but there were no humans. There were only animals, the animals were different from the ones we know. They were called rip-tips. These rip-tips had a very happy life. They behaved just like humans but sometimes they behaved strange. Once a rip-tip wanted to swim but instead of filling the pool with water, he put giant scoops of ice cream. Isn’t it strange! There was a rip-tip named William, He was a whalien. A whalien is a mix of a whale and an alien. He was very happy, joyful but silly at times.

Once, William was very hungry even after eating giant pots of ice cream. Out of hunger, he ate all the things in the house like the tables and chairs, Strange he is Isn’t he? One other time while playing with his friends, he said that he wants to wobble. He started to wobble so much that his friends wobbled with him and the whole house started wobbling as well. His mother was out. She came back and scolded William for making the house wobble. Once he dressed as a whale and pressed a button to make himself fly. He flew up in the sky. All the rip-tips where scared and they came out of their houses. They were surprised because they had never seen a whale flying.

Finally, William landed, and the confused rip-tips realized that William pranked them. William was always happy because his planet never faced any problems, you might be thinking why they didn’t face any problem ever. It is because they had a solution to every kind of problem. If a giant barrel was going to roll, they would place a plank of wood in front of it so that it would stop rolling.

One day when William was skipping in this garden, he was surprised to see many beautiful and colorful flowers. He saw a strange flower which had leaves as its petals and petals as its leaves. William touched the flower. He started to shake, twitch and SHRINK! William thought it was funny and began to laugh, He did not think what problems his planet might face if everyone SHRUNK! Something huge might roll on a tiny rip-tip or some giant fierce monster from outer space might chase them.

William started shaking, twitching and shrinking and he noticed that all rip-tips around him were shrinking, He began to worry because this was the first problem faced by the planet loop Top. William decided to find a solution quickly. He tried doing some random action, but it didn’t work. He tried saying random words but that did not work too, then he remembered that he shook and twitched when he shrunk. So, he shook and twitched again. This time it worked. He told all the rip-tips to gather at pond Boop Woop and told them to shake and twitch.

Everyone did what William said and were back to their normal form. All of them were happy because the problem was solved. William decided to throw a party for solving the problem. Everyone came for the party. They had food and swam in the ice cream pool. Everyone had a blast. William felt so proud for solving the first problem of his planet. He said to himself "My planet is saved. All thanks to ME!”


Rinaaz Sulthana Gems Our Own English High School