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By Tithi Ved, Class 5, Pawar Public School, Kandivali West, Mumbai

I am an ordinary doorbell, 
I might be at your house, as well!
My life is quite simple, 
Just press me, I'll get hurt yet I will be very humble.
I am a helpless doorbell, 
There are so many children around me, as well, 
They hit me, play with me, make me very dirty, 
And then I feel so unworthy
I am a beautiful doorbell, 
I can have many shapes, as well! 
Like, my uncle is rectangular, aunt is square, 
My Mum is gigantic, dad is so tiny that he doesn't dare
I am a noisy doorbell, 
Sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant, as well!
Ting tong, truuuuu..., te te te te..., that's how I sound like
The music always varies, right? 
I am a lovely doorbell, 
And I love, how I am!!! Ting Tong!!!


Tithi Ved       Pawar Public School, Kandivali West      
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