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By Prachi Gupta, Class 10, Holy Mary Convent High School, Thane

I know I'm erratic, 
Susceptible to storms, 
A rose with thorns, 
And profusely frantic!
I can be a shadow in darkness, 
A light in a blind's sight,
A glory of victory For the defeated, 
A story of eternity For the dead, 
A lulling song For the insomniac, 
A worthy thing In trifling matters, 
A divulging truth In the words that conceal lies, 
And a creation in annihilation! 
I can be so much 
Yet all I transcend to is nothingness of everything! 
For in this complicated world 
Where people inside-out 
Are like fire and water,
Not know I whether to burnout with their blazing beam, 
Or flow away with their mazing stream!


Prachi Gupta       Holy Mary Convent High School      
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