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Fun with Mythology Series

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This is a set of mythological tales, beautifully retold in a fun and engaging manner by Subhadra Sen Gupta and accompanied by Tapas Guha’s magnificent illustrations.

Read three stories from Shiva’s adventure-filled life. Find out the tale behind the origin of the River Ganga and what role Shiva had to play in it; how the shivalingam avatar of Shiva came about; and how Shiva destroyed three demons with one arrow.

Discover how Parvati made Shiva fall in love with her; join the gods as they create the mighty warrior goddess Durga to defeat an asura called Mahisha; and find out what happened when Saraswati lost her temper and cursed Lord Brahma!

Find out how Vishnu, the Lord of Preservation, comes to the aid of Lord Shiva when he is chased by a wily asura named Bhasmasura; how he saves the Amrita Kumbha from falling into the hands of asuras when the Sea of Milk is churned; and what happens when Vishnu takes three giant steps as Vamana.


Subhadra Sen Gupta has written over thirty books for children. Right now she is waiting for a time machine so that she can travel to the past and join Emperor Akbar for lunch. She loves to travel, flirt with cats and chat with auto rickshaw drivers.

Tapas Guha has been working for more than twenty years as an illustrator. He loves to draw comics and illustrate children’s books. Ruskin Bond is one of his favourite authors and he loves Tintin comics.

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