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Jholmaal Bhari Diwali with Sony YAY

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This festive season, Sony YAY! is all geared up for its first and massive ​Diwali celebration with its little fans. It brings to you a basket full of fun with its 'Jholmaal Bhari Diwali'. This season is going to be filled with rib-tickling laughter coming from the first-ever tele-film of Sony YAY!: 'Sab Jholmaal Hai – Bank Robbery'.

The merriment continues with new episodes of the all-time favourite series, 'Sab Jholmaal Hai'. But the action doesn’t end there! Don’t forget to spot Tiger Shroff while he calls on the kids to have fun with his ‘Tiger ki Jholmaal Paathshaala'. Tune-in to Sony YAY! from 1pm to 3pm to have fun with the Jholmaal gang. 
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