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Join the ReBoot Summer Camp by Kleinetics

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Join the Kleinetics Summer ReBoot Camp to experience playful group games, exciting exercises and awesome circuits!

Instructed by certified coaches, each class will be a full body blast with focus on stamina-building and flexibility while building on bone and muscle strength.
  • Come, run, skip and jump and test your agility, balance, coordination (ABC) of fitness!
  • Obstacle courses and circuits bring fun and Kleinetics designs the most unique obstacle games.
  • The camps will be held at various locations across Mumbai.
  • During the one hour, the kids will participate in games that work upon all major muscle groups.
  • Demos of fitness-related art and dance forms that test kids' core strength and balance will be introduced.
  • Kids need to understand that working out along with good food habits will make them better. A small session will be conducted to explain to them the fun they can have with healthy food as well. 
While adults often engage in functional training in a structured environment, exercise for kids needs to be fun and playful with kid-friendly activities with huge benefits. With games and circuits, the kids end up into an endless feedback loop and for new personal-best times.

The coach asks, "Do you want to run for fun or for time?” The child responds, "For fun!” and after reflecting a bit, with a smile she adds, "But also for the time.” 

Improve kids' fundamentals and improve their sports performance while having a lot of fun and making new friends this summer.

Join the Summer ReBoot Camp by Kleinetics!
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