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Kaadoo: A Range of Wildlife and Nature-Themed Game

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Almost everything that you see around you is man-made - your school, your home, your parents’ bike or car - just about everything. This shows how far you have moved away from nature. However, wild animals are very different from us: they do not like moving away from their natural habitats. They cannot, most of the time, make any changes to their habitats. They can only ‘migrate’ to another more friendly, welcoming habitat.

Humans, on the other hand, make so many changes to their habitats that they even disturb other forms of life. Wild animals, unlike humans, need very large areas of forests for each one of them. When humans invade forests, the habitats of wild animals shrink and they suffer shortage of food, water and land area. This forces them to come out to bordering villages and forage for food and water. This is at the root of the clash between humans and wild animals.

You can help change the situation for the better! 

  • By actively engaging with nature.
  • By studying wildlife.
  • By documenting their habitats, population and behaviour.
  • By joining the fight for protecting them and conserving their habitats.
You become an "Eco-warrior" and a leader. Is that not inspiring and interesting? Start with KAADOO: a range of wildlife and nature-themed games.
  • Board games that take you through amazing nature spots such as Ranthambhore, Nilgiri, the African Savannah and even the oceans!
  • Card games that let you understand how a food-chain works in nature.
  • Puzzles that give you the joy of bringing a magnificent animal to life!


Would you be that Eco-warrior? And how soon? Bring out the leader in you! Visit

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