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Kraft Art 3D Art Pen by Beyond Time

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Beyond Time, a modern-day consumer electronics brand , is the brainchild of Galiakotwala Technologies Pvt Ltd, conceptualised to revolutionise user experience with products that delight and exemplify innovation.

About the Kraft Art 3D Pen – BT 80 and BT 81:
 Pens that allow you to reach the pinnacles of creativity with air as your canvas.

  • Slim, lightweight and ergonomically designed, Beyond Time Kraft Art 3D Pens are easy to use and precise
  • Draw freehand 3D objects with the Beyond Time Kraft Art 3D Pens and let your creativity flow with the tides of imagination!
  • The Beyond Time Kraft Art 3D Pens can be used with ABS/ PLA Filaments. These filaments are available in a variety of colours to choose from to refill your pen.
  • The Beyond Time Kraft Art 3D Pens have a LED display, which indicates when it is ready for use and also displays the operating temperature which is adjustable. It has a unique speed control function that allows you to control the flow of the filament.

Create everything your mind ever imagines…

Get your Kraft Art 3D Pen here.

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