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Learn to Swim Program by Michael Phelps Swimming Academy

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Swimming is amongst the most neglected sporting activities. Michael Phelps Swimming (MPS) Academy aims to help children learn a new life-saving skill while having fun in the water.

At MPS, the coaches have been trained by renowned Michael Phelps' trainer, Cathy Bennett, to introduce swimming concepts in a fun and imaginative way. MPS trainers build comfort and confidence.

This program is for all age groups and helps learn swimming in the exact same way that Michael Phelps, the reigning champion of this sport, learnt. MPS has an amazing safety ratio of 1:6.

Swimming is based on a few motor skills like kicking, stroking and rhythmic breathing. However, it is vital that swimmers understand the properties of water, the how’s, why’s and readiness to swim. This prepares the swimmer both mentally and physically.

Through their various toddler-to-intermediate level programs, MPS attempts to train children not only to enjoy water but also to look at this sport competitively.

Currently, MPS has centers across Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune. For any further details log on to –

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