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For five years we have been receiving so much love, appreciation and encouragement from our avid readers. Check out what 5 lovely RobinAgers have to say about us!

Thanking RobinAge
by Afreen Sayyed of Anjuman I Islam Allana English High School, Mumbai
"Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter to you as I want to thank you and your team for making such a beautiful, auspicious, interesting newspaper for children. I love to read this newspaper. I am fond of reading especially that poll questions, letters to editor, thoughts, every month calendar" more

To You Editor
by Kshitij Tapre of St. Peters School, Panchgani
Dear Editor,
I am a big big fan of your RobinAge and always wait for the next issue. I am a student in a boarding school and the only thing that keeps me away from homesickness is more

Love To Read
by G Vigneshwar of Tvs Academy Montessori And English Medium School, Tiruvannamalai
"Dear Editor,
I love to read RobinAge because it impresses me a lot. My favourite pages are 12, 9 and stories. I love to participate in contests. I am a big fan of RobinAge. I read the" more

A Treasure
by Lekshmi of Poorna Prajna High School, Mumbai
"Dear Editor,
I have given your news paper a new name that is TREASURE OF KNOWLEDGE. It gives all kinds of information that we need to know. I am so glad that you have created" more

RobinAge is Amazing
by Sejal M Kotwal of Rosary High School, Mumbai
"Dear Editor,
RobinAge rocks and I think that it is the only children's newspaper which has a complete dose of school news, world news,tips from parents and kids and lots of contests. RobinAge encourages me to read and write. I really don't understand where you get such fantastic ideas" more
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