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Mighty Raju's Mighty Super Hero Tips!

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From shrewd hoodlums to local goons, Aryanagar's very own superhero manages to outwit and defeat them all! Mighty Raju is the super kid with unrivalled powers, foiling the smartest plans of the vile scientist, Karati. But how does he do it? On the occasion of his birthday, Mighty Raju reveals his top tips to being the ultimate superhero. These are simple ways that are bound to inspire the superhero in you! Read on to find out !
  • Do what's right! 
    A superhero's real power is his/ her strong moral code. Being truthful and righteous is the right way to go, just like Mighty Raju does at all times. 
  • Stay focused and dedicated
    To be good at anything, keep your focus strong like Mighty Raju. Keep your aim clear and efforts steady, whether its study or playtime. In no time, you will see yourself excelling at everything you do. 
  • Do good without discrimination or expectations! 
    To be a real superhero, you do not need extraordinary circumstances. Assisting an elderly person to cross the road or helping your parents in household work are equally important good deeds. And while doing these, a true hero like Mighty Raju never thinks of rewards, medals or applause. Selfless help just makes the deed sweeter! 

Mighty Raju promises these tips will make you the valiant hero you aspire to be. And what better time than your favourite POGO character's special day to reveal your mighty self to the world!

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