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Winners: RobinAge Bright Sparks Awards 2014-15

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When we launched the RobinAge Bright Sparks Awards in November 2014, we weren’t quite expecting to receive as many entries as we did…and that too from across the country. In a way, our own reach took us by surprise!

We started segregating the entries from day one, organising them by age and quality. Over three months, our favourites changed almost every week and the RobinAge office would light up with roars of cheer each time we came across a superb entry.

But as we sailed into the last fortnight of the contest, nothing could have prepared us for the number of entries pouring in through post, e-mail and our website, In the last week alone, we got bulk entries from over 20 schools! Our work was surely cut out for us!

As we scanned through poems, stories and artworks by the dozen, we decided we needed to include category in next year’s awards– the Best School Award–not for the of entries that but for the of entries received.

Seeing just how many amazing entries we got, we decided to add one new category this year itself–the Readers’ Choice Award–nine awards, one for each category and age group, not including the winning entries as selected by the judges.  

By the end of the first week of March, we had sent the entries to the three judges— Arzan Khambatta, Santhini Govindan and Natasha Sharma, who were nothing short of stunned by the calibre of talent. In fact, when we spoke to Khambatta, he said he had never had such a tough time judging an art contest. The work he received was exceptional!

Though there are only 27 winners as selected by the judges, we would like to congratulate each and every participant and thank you for setting the standards so high for the RobinAge Bright Sparks Awards. All the winners will be felicitated with a plaque and certificate. These will reach your school after the summer holidays, in June 2015, when the new academic term begins. And the winners are...


Group A: Class 1 & 2

1st Prize: Simply One by Harshaman Shah, Class 2, B D Somani International School, Mumbai
2nd Prize: Discovery of Tea By Chance by Ayaan Kapadia, Class 1, JBCN International School, Mumbai
3rd Prize: My Mother Taught Me by Shania Sarup, Class 2, Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

Group B: Class 3 to 5

1st Prize: Life of a Tiger by Sia Sehgal, Class 4, D Y Patil International School, Mumbai
2nd Prize: Naughty Nutty's Cleansing Spree by  Shejuti Sengupta, Class 5, J B Petit High School for Girls, Mumbai
3rd Prize: The Taste of Poetry by  Myra Sharma, Class 4, Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai

Group C: Class 6 to 8

1st Prize: The Forest Fire by Ragini R, Class 6, The Brigade School, J P Nagar, Bengaluru
2nd: Prize: What if  Gods Went Hi-Tech by Divya Damani, Class 7, Divine Child High School, Mumbai
3rd Prize: What's a Year? by Sara Adurkar, Class 8, Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

Reader's Choice

Group A: Today's Tea Party by Annanya Karthik, Class 2, The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon
Group B: The Smell Collector by Naman K Sheth, Class 4, Shishuvan, Mumbai
Group C: Swachh Bharat by D Kanaka Harshita, Class 7, New Horizon Scholars School, Navi Mumbai



Group A: Class 1 & 2

1st Prize: Shoot Me But With Love by Smera Balan, Class 2, RBK International Academy, Mumbai
2nd Prize: Fire Dragon by Rayaan Patel, Class 2, Bombay International School, Mumbai
3rd Prize: Stop Global Warming by Ajab Bhanpurwala, Class 2, Bai B S Bengallee Girls’ High School, Mumbai

Group B: Class 3 to 5

1st Prize: Flock of Birds by Saisha Arora, Class 3, The Brigade School, J P Nagar, Bengaluru
2nd Prize: Dog by Dhruv Shah, Class 5, Campion School, Mumbai
3rd Prize: Parrot by Fizra Mansoori, Class 5, Bai B S Bengallee Girls’ High School, Mumbai

Group C: Class 6 to 8

1st Prize: Tribal Stare by Ishan Desai, Class 8, Yashodham High School, Mumbai
2nd Prize: Harmony by Aaisha Shaikh, Class 8, Royal’s H A Girls’ High School, Mumbai
3rd Prize: Reflection by Jyoti Rathod, Class 8, Gurukula Public School, Kundapura, Karnataka

Reader's Choice

Group A: Giraffe by Atharva Sharma, Class 1, DLF Public School, Ghaziabad
Group B: My Sweet Home by Divyanshu, Class 5, L K Singhania Education Centre, Nagaur, Rajasthan
Group C: Anchorage by Kanishka Wadehra, Class 8, St Kabir Public School, Chandigarh


Group A: Class 1 & 2


1st Prize: Visit to the Moon with My Balloon by Keshav Mohta, Class 2, Vibgyor High School, Mumbai
2nd Prize: Oktapodi by Saanvi Mehta, Class 2, Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai
3rd Prize:  Animal Sounds by Gangireddy Siva Pranavabharathi, Class 3, Hillside School, Hyderabad

Group B: Class 3 to 5

1st Prize: The Master Mind by Aashna Trivedi, Class 4, D Y Patil International School, Mumbai
2nd Prize: Mountain Moved by Shriya Vishwanath, Class 3, The Brigade School, Malleswaram, Bengaluru
3rd Prize: The Soul Changer - Formula 816 by Kshemaahna Nagi, Class 3, Modern High School For Girls, Kolkata

Group C: Class 6 to 8

1st Prize: Oaks in the Wilderness by Nidhi J Nair, Class 8, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala, Kochi
2nd Prize: A Ghost Story by Siddarth, Class 8, D L F Public School, Ghaziabad
3rd Prize: A 50-Word Story by Sara Adurkar, Class 8, Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

Reader's Choice

Group A: The Obedient Boy by Ayush Dasgupta, Class 2, Manthan International School, Hyderabad
Group B: The Story of Numbers by Anand Gopalakrishnan, Class 3, Podar International School, Mumbai
Group C: The Battle by Anushka Bhati, Class 7, Saraf Public School, Khatima, Uttarakhand

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