Beaded Napkin Ring

Arts and Crafts

What You Need: 

  • Plastic pearls in small and medium sizes - 15
  • Clear seed beads - 6
  • Plastic pearls - 19 large
  • Shell petal beads - 5
  • Shell leaf beads - 4 small
  • Gauge wire - 28
  • Start with a medium plastic pearl and a piece of wire that is 12inches long. Bead the first bead in the middle of the wire and twist the wire once, add another bead then twist again. Repeat with all 15 small and medium pearls, then cluster the clear beads in between the pearls. Run the wire between the pearls to create a web, then twist behind the cluster.
  • Take a new piece of wire measuring 6inches and bead each leaf on the wire, twisting once after each leaf. Tie the end together. It will form a circle with the point of the leaves facing out.
  • Take another piece of wire and bead the five large petal beads running the wire twice through each petal.
  • Take an 8inch piece of wire and bead the 19 large pearls and tie them together.
  • Take another piece of wire and run it through all three layers of flower parts, cluster, small leaves and large petals, making sure that it doesn't show. Tie all of them together and then curl the wire in a loop.