What Happens When a Thermometer Breaks?

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The glass of a thermometer is very thin and if the thermometer has fallen from your hand and broken, chances are that the glass would have spread across the floor and the mercury from the thermometer may have rolled out of the glass tube. This mercury is very harmful and one needs to avoid all contact with this metal. Also make sure your pets are moved out of the area. Mercury can be cleaned up easily from wood, linoleum, tile and other smooth surfaces. If it has spilt over the carpet, curtains, upholstery or other absorbent surfaces, these contaminated items should be thrown away. Locate visible mercury beads and use cardboard to gather them. Use slow sweeping motions to keep the mercury from rolling away. Mercury can move surprising distances on flat surfaces, so be sure to inspect the entire room. Place all the mercury beads and objects into a garbage bag and dispose it in a place where no one can get their hands on it. Remember to keep the area well aired for at least 24 hours after your successful cleanup. If any kind of sickness occurs, seek medical attention immediately.