A Pinch of Magic

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When you start reading this book, you may wonder how a book can be written about a spoon or how a postman can find an address that reads something like this: Second Largest Eechamaram, After the third Korattykanjiram with the J-shaped branches, Opposite Devil’s Horn Thorn Bush, Harrabharrapazham PO. But he does! The book is about the amazing journey of Aunt Mallu, a herbal medicine specialist, her niece Veena and their search for a long-lost teacher who once lived in the forest of Harrabharrapazham. Veena’s presence of mind not only helps her aunt, but also solves a mystery the teacher can’t sort out. The book is filled with family values and lessons from the jungle and tells its readers why it is important to preserve forests.

Written by Asha Nehemiah
Illustrated by Priyankar Gupta
Recommended Age: 7+ years 
Published by Duckbill
Available on Amazon.in