And That Is Why: Manipuri Myths Retold

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‘And That Is Why’ is a colourfully illustrated collection of endearing and vibrant mythological stories derived from textual and oral sources in the Meitei language—the Tibeto-Burman language of Manipur. The 12 mythological stories belong to the Meiteis—the dominant group that was established during the feudal kingdom of Manipur. The stories that have been passed down by learned scholars, balladeers and grandmothers over hundreds of years talk about many things, such as why is a doll worshipped in a village called Kakching? Or why does a deer not eat rice? Are these stories true or just myths? Read this interesting book, which is also filled with many pages of Manipuri art, to know more.

Written by L Somi Roy
Illustrated by Sapha Yumnam
Recommended Age: 8+ years
Published by Puffin
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