Books for Parents: Tarkari

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If you struggle to feed your children the various seasonal vegetables that grow across the country, this is a book for you. The book is divided into eight sections and has many different yet authentic vegetarian recipes that will help you plan meals that are healthy, diverse and seasonally appropriate. The recipes are simple and can be achieved by the most basic cooks. What’s more, they are sure to please the full family. For example, there’s a recipe that adds soaked whole moong to easy no-rest-needed pancakes. Bedai bhaji is a lentil-stuffed roti served with potato and pepper curry while a chickpea and samphire salad makes use of a rarely used coastal green called samphire. The book also has some interesting Nepali recipes. It’s a must-have for any vegetarian home cook that’s looking for inspiration in the kitchen.

Written by Rohit Ghai 
Recommended Age: 12+ years
Published by Hachette India
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