Classic Pick: Black Beauty

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This story is told by a horse, in his own words. It is a story of how he was treated with affection and respect when he was young and healthy. But when he fell into illness and despair, he was passed on from one set of careless hands to the next.

As a very young foal, the beautiful Black Beauty received some very sound advice from his mother and this piece of advice lays the foundation for the book. Black Beauty goes on to be passed through the hands of all kinds of men - good, cruel and foolish.

His first owner places him at the local Squire's hall where Black Beauty meets other horses who have stories to tell about men and the ways in which they treat their animals. Black Beauty is very happy with his owner, Squire Gordon, but the household is eventually closed down and all the horses are sold. Squire Gordon makes every effort to find Black Beauty a good home and indeed does so, but no amount of effort can guard a horse from stupidity.

Black Beauty is ridden carelessly by a servant one night and falls because he has a broken horseshoe. The rider is killed, but Black Beauty is not blamed for his death. Nevertheless, Black Beauty now has scarred knees from his fall and is no longer fit to be in a stable. This is the beginning of the downward spiral for Black Beauty, who is then sold to work for his living. Read the book to see how Black Beauty goes on to survive many terrible mistreatments.


Author: Anna Sewell