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Shaheen’s father loves music. He expresses his love and affection for her through the music he loves to listen to and hopes that she will also develop an ear for his kind of music. He is also always looking for old vinyl records and of late, has been consumed by his search for a jukebox. Then one day, he disappears. All Shaheen is left with is some cryptic notes on the history of music and the address of where her father used to buy his vinyls from. As she reaches this shop along with her cousin Tannaz, she spots a jukebox. When Shaheen starts playing her father’s favourite music, the jukebox transports them to another era, to a time when the music was being played live. They keep playing different tracks and stay in this other world till the music lasts, and while they are there, they become a part of political marches and musical concerts. But how often do they need to time travel before they find Shaheen’s father? Read the book to find out.

Written by Nidhi Chanani
Recommended Age: 7+ years
Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books
Available on Amazon.in