Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom

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The protagonist in this book, Kiki is always worried. Sometimes she worries if she’s locked the main door and sometimes she wonders if a goose will eat her mother. There’s no end to her worries, but what she realises is that when she sketches, she doesn’t worry. Her sketchbooks are full of doodles, most of which are inspired by age-old Indian legends told to her by her mother. One day, her sketches start coming to life and with them, she enters a mystical world where she discovers a band of rebel kids who protect their kingdom. Over time, Kiki realises that she needs to overcome her fear and anxiety to save her real world and her imaginary world. Does she succeed? Read the book to find out.

Written by Sangu Mandanna 
Recommended Age: 10+ years 
Published by Hachette Books
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